How is the flight performance of the DJI AGRAS T25?
Maximum flight altitude: 100 m (subject to local regulations, please check with your local dealer);br> Longest control range: 2,000 m;
Maximum flight speed 10 m/s, maximum operating flight speed 10 m/s
What is the rotating direction of the propellers on the DJI AGRAS T25?
Dual Atomizing Spraying System
What is the droplet size of the dual atomizing spraying system of the DJI AGRAS T25? Is the droplet size adjustable?
Droplet size: 50-500 μm.
The droplet size can be customized or set to one of six droplet size levels: Very Coarse, Coarse, Medium, Fine, Very Fine, and Extremely Fine.
Is the Agras T20P compatible with the spraying system of the DJI AGRAS T25?
Active Phased Array Radar System + Binocular Vision System
What functions provided by Active Phased Array Radar and Binocular Vision are supported on the DJI AGRAS T25?
1. Multidirectional Obstacle Sensing on the horizontal plane as well as Obstacle Bypassing in the direction of the drone's nose.
2. Steep-slope Terrain Follow.
On what conditions can the Active Obstacle Bypassing and Terrain Follow features be used for operations with the DJI AGRAS T25?
1. These features can be used in AB flight routes and fully automatic operations, but not in manual routes.
2. The light intensity must be moderate, the scenarios must have rich texture features, and the Binocular Vision System must be free of stains or obstructions.
3. Active Obstacle Bypassing is supported at an altitude of 2.5-8 m. Terrain Follow is supported at an altitude of 1.5-30 m.
4. Obstacle Bypassing is not recommended around electric or guy wires.
Surveying and Mapping
What is the maximum slope that is supported in area surveying with the DJI AGRAS T25?
It can survey slopes up to 20°.
*To ensure a high success rate of surveying and mapping, T25 will automatically adjust its flight speed based on the hill slope. The steeper the slope, the slower its speed.
What are the differences between Area Route surveying and Boundary Route surveying on the DJI AGRAS T25?
Area Route surveying: Surveys and maps all areas and automatically detects field boundaries and obstacles.
Boundary Route surveying: Surveys and maps the 20-m wide area around the field boundary. This mode is capable of quickly surveying large areas and is suitable for areas without obstacles.
Can field and 3D orchard routes surveyed by the DJI AGRAS T25 be used by other Agras series drones?
Orchard and field routes are compatible with T series Agras drones. Before a mission, check operating parameters such as the field margins, route spacing, and flight speed.
Is RTK required for FPV mapping with T25?
Charging Device
Does the DJI AGRAS T25 come with an air-Air-Cooled Heat Sink?
No. It is not included as standard.
Can the charging cable of the D6000i Multifunctional Inverter Generator be extended?
Yes. The 1.5m-long charging cable of the D12000iEP can be purchased additionally, and used for D6000i.
What kind of generator should be used with the C8000 Intelligent Charger?
When conducting fast charging by connecting a third-party generator, please select a generator with 220 V-240 V output and output power no lower than 6 kW. Connect the live wires (labelled with L), null lines (labelled with N) and earth wires (labelled with PE) of the two fast charging cables of the C8000 Smart Charger with the live wire, null line and earth wire of the generator, respectively.
Spreading System
How does the T25 Spreading System work in low application rate scenarios such as seeding and herbicide spreading?
The T25 Spreading System supports switching to smaller hopper gates. Low flow rate spreading is more precise.
Does the T25 Spreading System support powder spreading?
Has any improvement been made to the video transmission signals of the DJI AGRAS T25?
The DJI AGRAS T25 has DJI's new O3 Transmission system equipped with four antennas. It can transmit smoother images when working with tall crops. The video transmission signal quality is greatly improved.
Does the DJI RC Plus come with an RTK High-Precision Positioning Module and adapter?
It's an optional module.
DJI Relay Module
Which models of drones can be paired with the DJI Relay?
What do I need to pay attention to when setting up a DJI Relay?
1. When using the Relay, make sure there is no obstruction between the remote control and the Relay, or between the Relay and the drone
2. Make sure that the Relay is installed at least 2 meters higher than obstacles to ensure smooth signal transmission.
3. Do not use the Relay during thunderstorms.
Does the DJI Relay support concurrent signal transmission to multiple drones?
DJI Smart Farm Web
Photos taken by which aircraft models can be reconstructed using DJI SmartFarm Web?
Phantom 4 RTK, Phantom 4 Multispectral, DJI Mavic 3 Multispectral and DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise are supported. Photos taken by non-DJI aircraft are not supported.
Which scenarios can be reconstructed by using DJI SmartFarm Web?
Field, orchard, and multispectral scenarios can be reconstructed.
What is the maximum number of photos that can be reconstructed using DJI SmartFarm Web?
The upload limit for a single mission is 20,000 photos, including TIF format photos. We recommend that you upload no more than 10,000 photos per mission.
What agricultural applications can be implemented using DJI SmartFarm Web with DJI Mavic 3M and DJI Agras drones?
Elevation Analysis: Monitor elevation data to analyze land level status and provide guidance on leveling operations to improve efficiency.
Crop growth monitoring: Observe crop growth through NDVI and other vegetation indices to identify seedling emergence, nutritional status, weed distribution, water stress, and other conditions, to improve field scouting efficiency.
Prescription Maps: Generate prescription maps for variable rate fertilization and crop protection based on crop growth monitoring results, ensuring even growth and reducing the application of chemicals.
Fruit tree counting: Automatically count fruit tree numbers.
Surveying and mapping of orchards and farmlands: Map operation areas and plan fully automatic routes for Agras drones.
Farmland surveying and mapping: Generate high-resolution maps where farmland boundaries are automatically extracted, allowing users to survey the cultivated area.
How do new DJI Agras drone users obtain access to DJI SmartFarm Web?
DJI SmartFarm Web is at free trial currently. Follow up for updates.