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Seven Key Features You Should Know About the Latest T40 & T20P Firmware Update

The latest T40 & T20P firmware update is here. DJI Agriculture has rolled out updates and optimizations that improve overall efficiency and reduce operation times. Here are the seven key features that have been updated.


To take advantage of the new features and optimizations, please make sure to update to the latest  T40 / T20P Firmware Version.

Aircraft: V01.00.0509
Remote Controller: V01.01.0835
APP: V6.5.16


1. Enhanced Flight Efficiency: Smoother Take-Offs, Landings and Turns


The latest firmware has significantly improved the flying efficiency and coherence of flights of the Agras T40 and T20P. With the new firmware, flight turns, take-off, and landings becomes smoother and faster.


The update has reduced the departure time by 5 secondsturning time by 2.5 seconds, and returning time by 6 seconds.



Reduced departure time by 5 seconds. 


Reduced turning time by 2.5 seconds.


Reduced returning time by 6 seconds. 


At first it might not seem like much, but over time these seconds add up to major time savings.



2. Extended Battery Life: The Intelligent Empty-Tank Point Feature


This latest firmware update helps optimize your drone's stop-point and start-point and the transition line to reduce full-tank and empty-tank flight distance. The intelligent stop-point is close to home by the time the spray tank is ready for a refill. This way you don't need to wait for the drone to return to home with an empty tank. And after refill, the drone will select the optimal starting point and transition line to reduce full-tank flight distance. This saves power, shortens operation times by 5 minutes, and allows you to save one battery cycle (Data from experiment conducted on a 6 hectare test field.)





3. Increased Efficiency: Non-Spraying Area Feature


During mission planning you can now designate specific areas, such as ditches, roads, and cleared spaces, as non-spraying areas. Upon entering a non-spray area, the drone will refrain from spraying. This is an alternative to adding obstacle polygons and can greatly increase mission efficiency because the drone won't need to slow down and make turns to avoid a given area.


When planning non-spraying areas, the drone only made 13 turns.


When adding obstacle polygons, the drone made 28 turns. 



4. Maximum Droplet Size Increased to 500μm


We've increased the range of droplet size from 50 to 500μm. This is up from 300μm before, and allows more flexibility to fit a variety of operation scenarios, crops, and terrains to achieve better sedimentation effect.




5. Added Support DJI Relay: Greatly Expanded Operation Areas


When conducting operations on tall crops, in mountains, forests, orchards, on tall-stem crops, or other complex environments, the image transmission signal can be blocked by obstacles. Designed as an accessory module for DJI Agriculture Drones (T40 and T20P), DJI Relay extends the signal transmission distance, making it an essential tool for large-scale farming operations on different terrains. The latest firmware supports connecting with DJI Relay module.




6. D-RTK2 Station Stays Connected During Battery Replacement


Thanks to a recent firmware update, replacing the battery on your agricultural drone no longer requires a pause in the D-RTK2 signal. During battery swaps, RTK signal will now remain connected for a full 90 seconds, ensuring uninterrupted operation.





7. New Languages Added


We're pleased to announce that with this latest firmware update, we are adding the following languages to the system: Indonesian, Malay, Khmer(Cambodia), Hungarian, and Greek.


We hope you are as excited by these updates as we are. They will help increase efficiency, ease-of-use, user-friendliness, and operation range for your T40 and T20P agriculture drones. We hope you have a seamless and enjoyable experience with the firmware update.


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