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Have Powerlines in Your Spraying Zone? Try the New ‘Adjusting 3D Waypoint Altitude’ Feature on DJI Terra 3.9.2!

At DJI, we are always listening to our end-users and are continually optimizing our products and solutions to meet the evolving needs of our Agriculture users. Inspired by user feedback, we are delighted to present a powerful new feature called Adjusting 3D Waypoint Altitude in Fruit Tree Mode, now available in the latest DJI Terra update, version 3.9.2. 

This feature can greatly improve the safety and efficiency of spraying or spreading operations, especially when they take place nearby powerlines or other complicated infrastructure.



Adjusting 3d Waypoint Altitude can improve user experiences in the following scenarios:


  1. To force a flight line to go above or below powerlines


  1. To improve flight line fluidity and avoid bumpiness during the flight



      3. To enable powerline or other infrastructure corridor spraying, where the flight line needs to be above the infrastructure corridor


To leverage this feature, simply upgrade your Terra to version 3.9.2 or later. You can access the update from Comment below to let us know your feedback for this feature!


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