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Further Cooperative Upgrade! DJI Agriculture Signs an Exclusive Agreement with Syngenta Korea

On February 20, DJI Agriculture signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Syngenta Korea in Seoul and established an agricultural drone alliance. Going forward, the two companies will release a series of aerial application standards and technical courses to jointly promote the development of smart aerial pesticide application in South Korea. The agreements made DJI Agriculture Syngenta Korea's sole drone partner.



By bringing together Syngenta Korea's cutting-edge research on pesticides and DJI Agriculture's experience in the aerial application field, the two parties will cooperate in the development of technical standards for the safe drone-based application of pesticides and the creation of aerial application training courses. They also plan to conduct in-depth research into the field of smart agriculture. At the same time, the two parties will conduct market development activities and explore new development possibilities.


At the signing ceremony, Syngenta Korea Chairman Li Junze said, "The use of drone-based aerial application is becoming increasingly wide-spread in South Korea's agriculture field. We hope to develop agriculture technology to contribute to the sustainable development of Korean agriculture.”


In 2016, DJI Agriculture officially entered the South Korean market. South Korea was the first Asian country after Japan to implement refined mechanized planting and among the first countries to develop agricultural drones. When DJI Agriculture entered South Korea, it provided highly specialized agricultural drone solutions for the Korean market, creating value for Korean farmers.


Currently, DJI Agriculture has a firm grip on the leading position in the Korean agricultural drone market. Its sales network covers all of South Korea and the company has trained over 3,000 drone operators. DJI products are primarily used for rice crops, and the company provides precision agricultural services for over 4.9 million acres of farmland in the country.


As DJI Agriculture goes global and provides solutions to boost agricultural development around the world, the company is proactively working to build an ecosystem together with its partners. By combining their strength, DJI and its partners seek to create more value for the global agricultural industry chain.

















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