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DJI Agriculture is Making Southeast Asia Bloom

At the 16th China-ASEAN Expo, DJI's drone products and solutions attracted a great deal of attention. The debut of the DJI Agras T16 agricultural drone allowed the audience to experience the magic of modern agriculture.



With the increasing popularization of agricultural drones, aerial application has already become a common crop protection practice of Chinese farmers. In China's neighbors in Southeast Asia, drone-based aerial application is also the key that can open the door to smart agriculture.


Since DJI Agriculture entered the global market in 2016, it has gradually built up an aerial application ecosystem covering Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and other countries in Southeast Asia. Taking advantage of Chinese experience in aerial application and tailoring its solutions to the actual agricultural conditions in different regions, DJI Agriculture can put its high-quality technology and services at the service of farmers across Southeast Asia.



Services in Malaysia


The Deputy Minister of Agriculture Uses an MG-1P

Malaysia covers an area of ​​330,000 square kilometers, about the size of China's Yunnan province. The country has about 7.5 million hectares of arable land, mainly devoted to the cultivation of cash crops, including rubber, palm oil, rice, and cocoa. Since entering the Southeast Asian market, DJI Agriculture has provided aerial application solutions for local teams that work with rice, palm oil, and other crops. DJI's services cover 13 states and three federal territories in East Malaysia and West Malaysia.


At the National Seminar of Technology Agriculture for Paddy 2019, DJI Agriculture partners demonstrated the company's agricultural drones and precision agriculture solution to representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries and other relevant government departments. During the field demonstration, the deputy minister of agriculture and other officials personally flew the MG-1P drone.


In addition, at the invitation of Syngenta Malaysia, partners of DJI Agriculture provided agricultural drone demonstrations and training to local Malaysian farmers. Through extensive promotion and demonstration activities, DJI Agriculture has effectively opened up the Malaysian aerial application market and empowered precision agriculture.



Working in the Philippines


Protecting Worldwide Rice Cultivation

In the Philippines, just across the sea from China, DJI Agriculture is working with the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI).


The IRRI, located in the capital of the Philippines, is the oldest and largest agricultural research institution in Asia, covering an area of more than 500 hectares. Its mission is to alleviate poverty and hunger and improve the health of rice growers and consumers.


Currently, DJI Agriculture is cooperating with the IRRI on a variety of research projects, including aerial application using DJI drones and a test of DJI Agriculture's seeding system.


In addition to close cooperation in scientific research, DJI Agriculture does its best to serve Filipino farmers. The Philippines has a land area of 299,700 square kilometers, with 10.6 million hectares under cultivation. The country produces a wide variety of fruits, such as coconuts and pineapples. Crop protection is generally carried out manually.


The introduction of agricultural drones will undoubtedly stimulate local enthusiasm for agricultural modernization. Currently, DJI Agriculture is actively conducting local crop protection services. As the company increases cooperation with Philippine universities and scientific research institutions, DJI Agriculture's complete solutions for agriculture will be further applied in the Philippine market.



Exploring Vietnam


Helping Local Farmers Modernize

Vietnam is another rice-producing country in Southeast Asia where DJI agricultural drones are in use.


Vietnam has the second-largest agricultural sector in Southeast Asia. It is among the top 5 rice producers in the world and in the top 3 rice exporters. In 2018, the Vietnamese government proposed the goal of becoming one of the 15 highly developed agricultural countries. This provided a strong impetus for the mechanization of the country's agricultural sector. DJI Agriculture's entry into the market has also boosted local agricultural modernization.


In April 2019, one of DJI Agriculture's partners in Vietnam won the Green Agriculture Product Award from the Central Committee of the Vietnam Farmers Association. In addition, the use of drones for crop protection operations attracted the attention of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam. The use of agricultural drones from DJI Agriculture not only improves agricultural productivity and reduces costs, but more importantly, helps protect Vietnam's local environment and improve the quality of farmers' lives.


At 7:35 pm, in a banana plantation outside Hanoi, a young crop protection team was working. After pouring pesticides into the tank of a drone, the most experienced local pilot, Vu Nguyen, asked the people around to step back. He then skillfully manipulated the levers with both hands to fly the Agras MG-1P agricultural drone and complete the last spray of the day.


Since starting to use DJI agricultural drones in 2017, Vu Nguyen has assembled a team of 30 people including engineers and pilots. Working together with other local DJI Agriculture crop protection teams in Vietnam, Vu Nguyen and his team provide crop protection services for local rice, mango, banana, tea, lemon, and other crops.


In a new operator training class that ended in July, ten new Vietnamese operators graduated. With this injection of new energy, DJI Agriculture has accelerated the construction of an aerial application ecosystem in Vietnam.


From cultivating aerial application awareness to establishing an aerial application and crop protection ecosystem, DJI Agriculture has worked to build up its presence in the Southeast Asian crop protection market for more than three years. Now seeing the result of its work, DJI Agriculture is using the platform provided by the Belt and Road initiative and adhering to its philosophy of open cooperation and sincere service. DJI Agriculture will invest more resources in the agricultural mechanization of Southeast Asia and promote the adoption of precision agriculture.


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