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Asian Farmers Benefit from Modern Digital Agriculture

On March 8, DJI Agriculture attended the industry forum organized by Croplife of Asia (CLA), a jointly established organization by BASF, Bayer, Syngenta, Formosa, Cordywa, Sumitomo Chemical, and other well-known pharmaceutical companies. CLA has been working with DJI Agriculture since 2017 to promote and implement aerial application drones and related pesticide technologies in the Asia-Pacific region.


At the forum, DJI Agriculture shared their frontier drone technologies, the economic benefits of agricultural drones and digital agriculture practices, and discussed how farmers around the world could benefit from aerial application drone technologies.



Benefiting Asian Farmers by Enhancing Agriculture


Agriculture is of great importance in most countries in the Asia-Pacific region, where more than 60% of the 2.2 billion economically productive population relies on agriculture as their main source of income.


With similar geographical locations and climates, Asian countries share similar agricultural production modes. Since entering the aerial application market in 2015, DJI's agricultural drones have rapidly become popular in Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia, bringing Chinese aerial application knowledge to Asia.



South Korea



DJI Agriculture's current sales network covers South Korea. DJI works with well-known pharmaceutical companies such as Syngenta (Korea) to train local operators and promote the standard and healthy development of the aerial application industry.






Vietnam is striding into the Agriculture 4.0 era with the help of DJI Agriculture's aerial application drones. DJI Agriculture is now establishing a mature dealership system in Vietnam, with its market share growing rapidly. Meanwhile, DJI Agriculture works with Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry to set up drone training courses to cultivate new agricultural talents.






After years of market exploration, DJI Agriculture not only provides spraying services for large plantations in Malaysia, but has also tapped into the palm oil aerial application market. With the palm oil mode and its supporting software, DJI provides precise spraying services for large palm oil companies in Malaysia, reducing labor costs and improving production efficiency.






Farmers in Phetchaburi, Thailand have become familiar with the “fruit tree mode” over the past six months, and benefited from DJI Agriculture’s precision spraying solution with high efficiency, high quality and low cost.


Today, DJI's aerial application drones can be seen over northern Thai rice fields and tropical fruit trees.



Improving Benefits with Digital Agriculture


At the forum, DJI Agriculture presented its full line of digital agriculture solutions and various application cases, which attracted the attention of scholars.


DJI's digital agriculture solutions not only efficiently manage farmland with drones, but also acquire images and data that can be used by other agricultural machines. With a closed loop of more efficient applications built, production and income can increase.


Precision surveying and mapping by drones


Guide operation with crop prescription map


Agricultural Machinery Management System


In the future, DJI Agriculture will continue to work with sustainable agriculture and build fully-automated intelligent farm robots, so that more farmers can benefit from technology, and to make the future of technology more beautiful than your wildest dreams.


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