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Malaysian Prime Minister Visits DJI and Praises Agricultural Drones

On the morning of August 19th, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, Minister of Foreign Affairs Saifuddin Abdullah, Minister of Agriculture Salahuddin Ayub, and Minister of International Trade and Industry Darell Leiking visited the DJI Beijing Branch. The Chinese Ambassador to Malaysia, Mr. Bai Tian, and Mr. Luo Zhenhua, President of DJI, received the visitors.



During the visit, Prime Minister Mahathir observed DJI's latest products and technological achievements in various fields, including smart gesture control and route planning for drones, as well as demonstrations of drone applications in agricultural crop protection and security.


The Prime Minister said that he is also a drone enthusiast, having previously operated aerial survey drones in Malaysia. Mr. Mahathir and his team were particularly interested in the demonstration of the Agras MG-1P agricultural drone and asked for more information about it.


Luo Zhenhua, President of DJI, told the Prime Minister that DJI had created a new market for civilian drones and that the development of drones has given us a new perspective on the world. DJI is currently committed to promoting the use of drone technology in more industries in order to create more value for businesses and society. As of the end of June 2019, DJI has supplied more than 16,000 agricultural drones for use in China, making it the leader of the industry. While drones are promoting a revolution in modern agricultural efficiency, they also provide rural youth with entrepreneurial opportunities.


The Prime Minister expressed his great interest in Chinese technological innovations. He also appreciates the far-reaching influence of technology on traditional industries such as agriculture, trade, and investment. He affirmed his respect for DJI's focus on technological innovation and its commercial achievements as well as his interest in the future applications of drones in agricultural monitoring and management. Mr. Luo Zhenhua thanked the Prime Minister for his high praise.


At the conclusion of the visit, Mr. Luo Zhenhua presented the Malaysian Prime Minister with a gift of aerial survey and agricultural drone products.






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