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Cooperative Upgrade! DJI Agriculture Signs a Smart Agriculture Partnership Agreement with Syngenta Japan

Recently, DJI Agriculture signed an agreement with the well-known agricultural company Syngenta Japan. The two companies will conduct a series of cooperative projects in Japan, focusing on smart agriculture technology R&D and other areas.



Japanese agriculture is facing serious challenges, including a shortage of labor caused by a decline in fertility and an aging population. In order to address these issues, the Japanese government's Council for Promotion of Regulatory Reform relaxed many restrictions on pesticide spraying by multi-rotor agricultural drones. At the same time, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries is expanding the types of pesticides that can be sprayed from multi-rotor agricultural drones.


In 2016, DJI Agriculture officially entered the Japanese market, becoming the first foreign company to be certified by the Japan Agriculture and Fisheries Association. Currently, DJI accounts for nearly 60% of the Japanese market for multi-rotor agricultural drones and has already trained 2,500 drone operators (as of March 2019).



In the Japanese agricultural field, the use of multi-rotor agricultural drones is rapidly spreading, and relevant government departments are mandating higher requirements for the safety performance of agricultural aircraft. In order to better achieve safety and reliability in the agricultural drone and pesticide fields, DJI Agriculture will work with Syngenta Japan to develop safe spraying technical standards and education courses for multi-rotor agricultural drones in Japan. They will also conduct tests on drone-based aerial application and R&D on smart agriculture technologies.


Syngenta Japan president Minoru Matoba expressed his high expectations for DJI agricultural drones: "In addition to agricultural applications, agricultural drones can be used to care for non-editable plants, such as for golf course maintenance. Through our bilateral cooperation, we will use the effective spray technology and remote sensing technology provided by agricultural drones to promote the development of smart agriculture in Japan. ”


In addition to creating courses and developing new technologies, DJI Agriculture and Syngenta Japan will work together to develop new markets and create all-new business models.



Director Wu Tao of DJI's Japan branch said, "The effective spray performance of agricultural drones required the cooperation of pesticide companies. By combining Syngenta's agricultural technology and DJI's drone technology, we hope to improve the safety, reliability, and sustainability of agriculture drone solutions in Japan and throughout the world.  ”


Going forward, DJI Agriculture and Syngenta Japan will work together to promote the combined application of agricultural drones and smart agriculture in Japan.


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