DJI Pilot Story

From Nurse to Agras Drone Pilot in Just One Month, Tais’s Successful Career Transition

At the break of dawn in the City of Taquarintinga in Brazil, Taís Ribero and her team start their work in a sugarcane field. The operation lasts for a rigorous 8 hours, concluding around 1 pm, marking the end of a typical day on the job.



Taís is an agricultural drone pilot in Taquarintinga, Brazil. Before starting the drone business, she has been a nurse for 10 years. In order to move to the rural area in Taquarintinga with her family, she had to give up her original occupation as a nurse because of the remote location. With her open-mindedness to the new technology and a determination to master the operation techniques quickly, it took her only one month to become a professional drone pilot.



Currently Taís operates a DJI Agras T40 and she’s the owner of an agricultural service company called Via Drone, which provides service in St. Paulo and Minas Gerais States of Brazil since November, 2022, when she joined the Agras drone industry.




“We want Taís to work again,” said Felipe Sala, a farmer and agronomist engineer with expertise in drone surveying. With Felipe's guidance, Taís quickly became proficient in operating drones and even started her own service company. As of February 2023, Taís has flown 1115 successful missions, totaling 133 hours of flight time and treating 2242 hectares of land.




Agriculture drones have revolutionized farming in rural areas of Brazil by overcoming the limitations of traditional manual and machinery-based methods. Unlike tractors, drones can easily navigate through the fields, adjusting their height to fly close to the ground or high above fields. This has significantly improved the accuracy and efficiency of spraying applications, making it a game changer for farmers.



“I believe the drones represent the future trend of agriculture,” according to Taís, who believes that drones can improve yield, save water, and work more efficiently than traditional machinery. Taís trust the power of this technology and sees a bright future for it in the market.



Taís's customers are often surprised to know that a woman is operating such a large drone. However, women are an emerging and strong group in the agriculture industry, and there is a growing demand for their services. Women tend to be more detail-oriented and careful when operating drones, making them a valuable group in the agricultural field. Taís encourages other females to pursue this career, as she finds it both cool and fulfilling. She takes pride in the compliments she receives from clients for the excellent service provided by her team.


“Everyone who has a strong will can certainly do it,” said Taís. Taís's inspiring career transition showcases the endless possibilities in the agriculture industry. With determination and a willingness to learn, Taís has proven that anyone can make a successful switch to this exciting field. Her story is a testament to the growing demand for skilled professionals in the agriculture industry, and the potential for career growth and fulfillment.


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