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DJI Agricultural Drones Fly into a Famous American Museum

Located in New York, the Guggenheim Museum is a world-renowned private gallery of modern art. It houses some of the masterpieces of 20th-century art and is known as the "temple of the spirit". The exhibition of an agricultural drone in the museum brings together art, technology, and social change, making it a highlight of the exhibit.



Great Changes Beyond the City


Putting the Countryside in the Spotlight


"Countryside, The Future" was an exhibit inspired by Rem Koolhaas, which showcased the massive technological and sociological changes taking place in rural areas around the world. This was a cooperative project completed by Koolhaas' team, Harvard University, China Central Academy of Fine Arts, and many other well-known universities. It was also the first exhibition in the history of the Guggenheim that had nothing to do with art and architecture.



Along the spiral ramp wrapping around the rotunda of the Guggenheim, images, films, objects, and texts related to different themes were presented in sequence. This created a multisensory presentation focusing on environmental protection and other themes arranged through time and space. It showed the confrontations, conflicts, changes, and progress taking place in the global countryside.


In this exhibition, the Chinese countryside is one of the focal points. The exhibition touched on extensive rural reforms, refined farming practices, the evolution of agricultural tools, and changes to the lifestyles of farmers.



Promoting Major Changes in Rural China


Rural China as a Role Model


From rural e-commerce to livestream marketing, from green super rice to agricultural drones, science and technology have enabled the Chinese countryside to increase production and enrich itself. Koolhaas was quick to praise China's achievement: "China has created new possibilities in the countryside. It is a role model for the development of other regions.”



As the use of agricultural drones is becoming more commonplace and farmers are preparing to use them for the spring planting, DJI Agriculture's precision agricultural solutions are just starting to be applied on a global scale.


In 2019, DJI Agriculture released their Agras T16 agricultural drone and Phantom 4 multi-spectrum aerial survey drone in California. Through its products and cutting-edge joint research in precision agriculture with global industry experts, DJI Agriculture is becoming a familiar brand in North America.


DJI's precision agriculture solutions can be tailored to suit the growth of different crops. The agricultural drone + Phantom 4 RTK solution greatly simplifies the work required in a variety of agricultural settings, including crop fields, fruit tree orchards, and grass areas. Leveraging the power of drones and highly efficient tools, farmers can increase their productivity and drive an industry-wide upgrade.


DJI Agriculture has already been working hard to develop the North American market for three years. In North America, a region with a highly developed agricultural industry, DJI Agriculture's agricultural drones provide operational flexibility, autonomous intelligence, and precision spray capabilities. They can work in tandem with large agricultural machinery to further upgrade agricultural solutions.




Countryside, The Future


Since ancient times, agriculture has been the foundation of governance and stability in China. Now, in most previously uncultivated land, China's farming culture is gradually expanding, giving rise to many new production tools and techniques. This is a true testament to the power and wisdom of the culture of the soil.


Today, technological progress continues to benefit the Chinese farmer, giving rise to a fundamental transformation of the countryside. China’s rural areas have never been as active and expressive as they are now. To fight the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic during the spring planting season, farmers have used drones to plant their fields from the safety of their own homes. These pioneers are essential to our continued health and survival.


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