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Alpha Drones USA and Empire drone agree to the sale of 49 Agras T20 spraying drones

Alpha Drones Recognized As Launch Customer of the DJI Agras T20


FULTON, New York – Empire Drone, a commercial drone distributor out of Fulton, NY, has agreed to sell 49 Agras T20 spraying drones to Alpha Drones USA. The release of the Agras T20 was announced earlier this week by DJI Agriculture, but the drones will not be available until January 2021. Alpha Drones has already purchased an Agras T16 from Empire Drone, and will expand their spraying drone fleet to 50 with this deal.



“We are very excited about the DJI Agras T20 and the impact it will have on the Agricultural industry,” says Sean Falconer, co-owner of Empire Drone. “We believe our friends at Alpha Drones have made it clear that they’re excited about the Agras T20 as well.”


The Agras T20 is an upgraded model from DJI’s previous spraying drone, the Agras T16.


The Agras T20 is capable of carrying up to 20 liters of liquid and can spray up to 12 hectares per hour. It is also equipped with a spreading system that allows it to disperse seeds, fertilizers and fish food. The Agras T20 comes with omnidirectional digital radar as well as an IP67 rating, allowing the drone to be washed after each use.


“We’re grateful to DJI for naming us the Launch Customer for the Agras T20,” says Kelvin King, CEO of Alpha Drones USA. “This deal will fortify our fleet of spraying drones and lead to a new era of agricultural drone solutions for our customers.”



About Alpha Drones USA: Alpha Drones USA is a privately owned corporation which provides sUAS/UAS professional training courses, consulting, drone operator services, drone leasing and rentals of all kinds of drones in all kinds of diverse environments. Alpha Drones USA serves its clientele by removing all of the red tape, assuming operational liability and by providing excellent professional services all for an affordable multi-year fixed price.


For more information on Alpha Drones USA, visit


About Empire Drone: Empire Drone is a leading distributor, integrator, inspection service
provider, and trainer for unmanned aerial systems in North America. Empire Drone was founded on the unrelenting goal of providing our clients with the best the drone industry has to offer.


For more information, please visit or call us at 315-743-4285.


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