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Agras T50 and T25: Discovering the Unmatched Stability of DJI Agras T50 and T25 Drones


For farmers, "steady" is synonymous with dependability; tools that exhibit steadfast performance under varying conditions are crucial for consistent crop management. In the realm of drones, this steadiness translates to safe and reliable flight for precise application of treatments, ensuring each crop receives the care necessary to thrive.


Ready, Steady, Go: Next-Level Stability and Reliability in the Agras T50 and T25


The advent of drones in agriculture has marked a turning point in how crop protection operations are conducted. Leading this aerial revolution are the innovative Agras T50 and T25 drones. These drones are engineered to proffer an unprecedented blend of stability, reliability, and efficiency that elevates the productivity of agricultural professionals and farmers to new heights. Here's an intimate look at what makes these drones the epitome of steadiness in the world of agriculture drones.


Steady Efficiency


The T50 model is equipped with a powerful coaxial dual-rotor design, capable of carrying a 40 kg spraying load. It has been tested with a field operation rate of 21 hectares per hour. Additionally, the T50 is capable of carrying a 50 kg spreading load, supported by a sizeable 75-liter capacity spreading tank. With just one bag of fertilizer, the T50 can achieve an impressive operating rate of 1.5 tons of fertilizer per hour.


On the other hand, the T25 model is designed with a four-axis structure, capable of spraying an area of 12 hectares per hour. It can sustain a sreading load of 25 kg, displaying efficiency with the ability to disperse up to 1 ton of fertilizer within an hour.




Impeller Pumps for Steady Reliably Flow


The Agras T50 and T25 spraying system is now equipped with a newly improved, high-efficiency dual Magnetic Drive Impeller Pumps. It consumes 200W less power, doubling its energy efficiency and making it an effective power-saving tool. Remarkably, the double pump can support a maximum of 24 liters per minute (with a double nozzle flow rate that can reach up to 16 liters per minute). This doubles the flow rate, making it suitable for water-intensive operations like dry fields and orchards.


The newly designed impeller pump, as seen from the speed flow chart, offers a smoother flow line. This effectively minimizes the loss of flow, ensuring superior performance.



Atomizing Centrifugal Sprinklers


The Agras T50 and T25 are equipped with a dual atomizing spraying system which produce fine, uniform spray droplets. This ensure an equal application of your liquid chemical across the surfaces of your crops, for optimal effect. Depending on your crops, you can adjust the spray droplet size anywhere from 50 to 500 micrometers. This unique function minimizes drift as well as accommodates a variety of dosage forms, optimizing the effectiveness of every application. In addition, the integration of new solenoid valves guarantees precise starting and stopping of spraying actions, which helps ensure that not a drop of that critical payload is wasted and that plants receive precise and adequate nourishment or protection.




High-Torque Spreading System


When it comes to spreading solids, the T50's high-torque motor couples with a spiral-channel spinning disc which provides a uniform, even spread. By significantly enhancing spreading efficiency and smoothness, it has managed to boost the spreadingflow rate by 50%, hitting an impressive 108 kg/min. The spreading tank also has an expanded loading gate, so it's easier and quicker to pour in your dry granules.




Ultra-Fast Charging


Efficient field work with Agras drones hinges on the ability to sustain operations with minimum interruptions. That's why the Agras T50 and T25 have next-level batteries and charging solutions. The T50 drone is powered by the DB1560 Intelligent Flight Battery that has a 30 Ah capacity. It supports an impressively rapid 9-minute ultra-fast charging, enabling cycling two batteries for continuous operations. The T50 batteries can be charged in the field with the D12000iEP Multifunctional Inverter Generator which employs the cutting-edge EFI technology. It offers a significant fuel saving of 15%, thereby enhancing the fuel economy. This means you can trust in the efficiency of your charging process, reducing wait times and energy use.


On the other hand, the T25 comes with the DB800 Intelligent Flight Battery with a capacity of 15.5 Ah. Utilizing the D6000i Multifunctional Inverter Generator, it can also achieve the same ultra-fast charging time of just 9 minutes. 




Orchard Operations and Terrain Following

Orchard farming comes with its own set of challenges, tackled head-on with the optional Orchard Kit. This accessory expands the T50 and T25's spraying flow rate to 24 liters/min. This enhancement significantly broadens the spray coverage and doubles the droplet count on the backside of leaves in fruit tree interiors. 




For orchard operations, the drone's safety systems, including dual Active Phased Array Radar and dual binocular vision sensors, ensure safe navigation of rugged terrain. They can automatically detect and bypass obstacles they might encounter.




Equipped with active phased array radar and dual-vision systems, the T50/T25 can execute aerial surveys on slopes with a maximum gradient of 50°. It can automatically identify fruit trees and obstacles, generating precise autonomous 3D operation routes based on the distribution trends of fruit trees. With its ability to perform Terrain Following on slopes up to 50°, it caters to the vast majority of orchard operational needs.





Revamped Propulsion System


Building upon the foundation laid by its predecessor, the T50 propeller's outer diameter has been increased to 54mm, bolstering the bending and torsion resistance by an impressive 27%. Its new high-strength propeller blade is designed to withstand deformation, ensuring a safe and reliable operation. With high-power Electronic Speed Controllers (ESCs), the T50 not only provides superior heat dissipation but also a more robust through-flow capability, resulting in a stable and dependable power output.


Adding another layer of safety, the T50 and T25 arms now come with upgrade safety locks that must be secured before takeoff. This ensures further protection, thereby enhancing the operational safety of the drone.


Finite Element Analysis (FEA) shows enhanced torsion resistance for a substantial level of safety



Corrosion Resistance and Environmental Durability


T50/T25 is meticulously crafted and rigorously tested to ensure the highest level of reliability in the face of high-frequency, high-intensity flight control operations. To validate its robustness, it has undergone a series of exhaustive tests, with each test designed to assess every aspect of performance.


First, we conducted over 1,000 hours of on-bench flight testing, alongside 600 hours of universal valve and dust flap durability tests. These trials examine the product's longevity and its ability to withstand prolonged usage.


Next, we performed individual arm endurance tests to review the power system's aging performance. This is followed by the shear paddle tests which validate the torsion-resistant performance of both the arm and the motor base.


Lastly, we ran simulated flight longevity tests to verify the structural strength and lifespan of the product. These extensive tests ensure that our airframe remains robust and reliable, providing you with absolute confidence in the product's operational safety.




The Agras T50 and T25 also have a new anodic oxidation and acrylic composite coating on core components and crucial load-bearing parts which provides superior protection from corrosion. This feature is key to the product's durability and reliability, as it offers an enhanced resistance to effects from fertilizers and pesticides.


Close-up on component surface with Composite Coating


Close-up on component surface with Single Coating



Advanced Transmission System


Connectivity is central to modern drone operations. The Agras T50 and T25 come fitted with an advanced four-antenna O3 Transmission system for an impressive transmission distance of up to 2 km. This feature benefits from an optimized antenna selection algorithm that adapts according to the relative direction of the aircraft and its remote control, ensuring the appropriate transmitting antenna is always in use. Moreover, our anti-jamming algorithm allows the aircraft to sense and adapt to changes in the external signal environment, intelligently adjusting the signal frequency band on its own. 




Expanded Transmission with DJI Relay


In the past, when operating over mountain or terraced orchards, you would have to split the operation area into two sections on either side of the mountain. This required setting up two supply points, thus complicating operations. The Agras T50 and T250 are compatible with DJI Relay, which can help extend transmission distance and signal stability even in complex environments. Now, it's possible to keep the signal connection unbroken, even with a mountain acting as a barrier. This allows for the complete coverage of an orchard through a single route, simplifying the process considerably.


Furthermore, the DJI Relay boasts a battery life of up to 4 hours, and it also supports external power sources. This ensures a stable and durable transmission. In case of battery replacement, it automatically restores the connection, thereby eliminating the need for frequency pairing. This makes operations not just seamless, but also highly efficient. 




Conclusion: Elevate Precision with Steadfast Drone Operations


The DJI Agras T50 and T25 are more than mere advancements in agricultural drone technology; they are reliable partners forged in the crucible of innovation and practical design. Thanks to meticulous engineering and extensive field testing, farmers can now command:


  • Unparalleled Spraying Efficiency: with improved flow rates and coverage, ensuring every droplet of spray counts.
  • Enhanced Operational Safety: through dual radar systems and safety locks, providing peace of mind during every flight.
  • Extreme Environmental Durability: achieved via rigorous testing and specialized coatings to withstand harsh farming conditions.
  • Superior Connectivity: with the O3 Transmission system and DJI Relay, guaranteeing stable control over challenging terrains.

These operational efficiencies, combined with steadfast reliability, render the Agras T50 and T25 invaluable for modern agriculture. Whether optimizing yield, safeguarding crops, or expanding farming operations, these drones stand ready as steady tools in the pursuit of agricultural excellence.



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