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T50/T25 Firmware Upgrade is Here

New Features Bring T50 and T25 Field Operations to New Heights


The latest firmware update for the Agras T50 and T25 is now available, introducing enhancements and new features designed to boost efficiency. Key updates include Multi Plot Operations, 72-meter spacing, Single Side Spraying, and more—each aimed at improving the convenience and effectiveness of your spray operations. Discover these updates and elevate your spraying efficiency today.


Multi Plot Operations for efficient work across multiple fields


Now users can select multiple adjacent fields to be automatically treated in sequence. This reduces the number of take-offs and route calls, saving time and improving efficiency. Additionally, the Multi Plot Operations allows for uniform setting of operating parameters for selected fields or individual parameter settings for each field, catering to various operational needs. To use, make sure the Multitask option is enabled on the app.




72-meter spacing for spraying and spreading


The 72-meter spacing setting for spraying or spreading can meet the operational needs of materials with lower coverage uniformity requirements, thereby improving operational efficiency. For example, this can be used for efficient spreading of feed in aquaculture operations and bait spraying in cropland.



Note: Supporting wide-spacing settings does not mean that the aircraft's effective spraying or spreading width can reach the set spacing. When the spacing exceeds the aircraft's effective spraying or spreading width, the coverage uniformity will decrease, causing gaps between the two flight routes.



Single Side Spraying to ensure overlapping


With Single Side Spraying, the aircraft will automatically deactivate one sprinkler while turning at the field boundary. This will ensure areas close to the boundary are covered.


Additionally, while bypassing obstacles (including automatic bypassing by the aircraft and planned bypassing routes), the sprinkler closer to the obstacle will also activate Single Sided Spraying to spray the surrounding of obstacles.




  1. If Single Side Spraying is enabled simultaneously with Route & Boundary or Boundary Only mode, Single Side Spraying does not take effect during turns at the field boundary.
  2. Single Side Spraying function may result in some over-spraying, potentially leading to phytotoxicity. It is not recommended to enable this function for herbicide operations.



Low-Speed Ascend to reduce risk of crop lodging


Propeller downwash is part of why spraying with drones is so effective - it helps direct your liquid chemical downwards onto your target crops while minimizing the risk of drift. However, this force can be dangerous for your crops during periods when they are sensitive to wind conditions. This is especially noticeable when the drone flies at lower speeds, such as while making turns at field boundaries. With Low-Speed Ascend activated, the drone will automatically ascend while making turns, minimizing the risk of crop lodging at field boundaries.



Note: This function is not enabled by default. It is advisable to activate it only when crops are prone to lodging there and when there are no obstacles like power lines at the field boundaries. This function can be toggled on or off as needed during operations and can be customized for each specific field's requirements.



Stream Mode for special operational scenarios


Stream Mode deactivates the motors of the centrifugal sprinklers, so instead of atomizing your liquid chemical, it will instead directly dump in a columnar stream. This is perfect for scenarios that do not require atomization, or those that only need to distribute liquid onto water surfaces, such as enclosed weed control operations in rice fields. 



How to activate: In the operation interface, in the top right corner settings, find the spraying system settings, and turn off sprinkler atomization to activate.




  1. When working above water, the scenario in Sensor Settings must be set to Above Water for a better altitude fixing performance.
  2. When Atomized Spray is turned off, the scenario in Sensor Settings will be set to Above Water automatically.
  3. When other scenarios are selected, Atomized Spray will be turned off automatically.
  4. When Atomized Spray is turned off, the scenario remains Above Water. You will need to switch to the actual mode according to the situation.






Introducing Orchard Mode 4.0


Editable Orchard Route waypoints for more flexibility


Users can now edit the waypoints of an orchard's 3D route directly on the remote controller. By dragging waypoints to modify the route path, setting new flight paths by adding or removing waypoints to avoid obstacles, and adjusting waypoint heights to navigate high-voltage lines, fruit tree growers can optimize their routes for greater efficiency.




Row Tree Route Planning

For orchards with relatively regular planting distributions, such as those planted along contour lines, the upgrade allows users to generate routes effortlessly by simply outlining the field boundaries. This results in orchard routes that closely follow the contour lines, making route planning both simple and efficient.




Orchard Mode Spreading


After the upgrade, users can perform fully automatic spreading operations through 3D routes, making spreading in orchards, forests, and terraced fields easy to complete.





Orchard Route Supports Empty Tank Point Estimation


Empty Tank Point Estimation helps users predict the drone's location when the spraying tank runs empty. This feature allows users to control the Empty Tank Point by adjusting how much is added to the tank during refilling, enabling the aircraft to land as close as possible to the refilling points after each flight. By minimizing the distance between the aircraft and the Empty Tank Points during application, this feature saves energy and enhances operational efficiency.




Efficiency and Safety Enhanced Throughout


Templates Saved in the Cloud


Spraying templates and spreading material flow templates can be saved in the cloud, allowing for retrieval even in the event of local data loss or remote controller replacement.





Boundary Route supports Smart Resume


Smart Resume supports both Route & Boundary and Boundary Only modes. These modes automatically use optimized resume points to minimize the distance the drone travels to reach its resume point, thereby reducing energy consumption and increasing operational efficiency.


Change in Arm Locking Alarm Resolution Method


Arm locking detection ensures that the aircraft cannot take off if the arm locking mechanism is not engaged, ensuring user safety. If the remote controller indicates that the arm lock is not engaged, please check promptly.


After the upgrade, if the arm lock is confirmed to be engaged but the alarm persists, you can temporarily deactivate the "Frame Arm Lock-in Detection" under the aircraft settings for emergency operations. After operation, it is recommended to have the aircraft inspected by an authorized service center.




Current Firmware Version Information


Aircraft: v01.03.1104

Remote Controller: v05.05.0701

DJI Agras App: v8.3.28

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