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Agras T50 and T25: Next-Level Energy Savings with Intelligent Battery Design


Agriculture technology is making colossal strides in efficiency and sustainability, with innovations like the Agras T50 and T25 leading the charge - quite literally. These aerial application tools aren't just revolutionizing crop care; they're redefining the power dynamics of aerial crop protection through their optimized batteries and charging systems. This article will explain what optimizations the Agras T50 and T25 have in terms of their batteries and charging systems that make them safer, more convenient, and economical.



Agras T25

Agras T50


DB800 Intelligent Flight Battery

DB1560 Intelligent Flight Battery


C8000 Intelligent Charger

C10000 Intelligent Charger


D6000i Multifunctional Inverter Generator

D12000iEP Multifunctional Inverter Generator



Reduced Cost of Charging


Every farmer knows that input costs dictate their profit margins, and energy costs can be a significant overhead. Enter the Agras T50 and T25's energy-efficient charging technology, like the D12000iEP D12000iEP Multifunctional Inverter Generator. By optimizing energy consumption, each charge can translate to considerable dollar savings, effectively changing the economic landscape for tech-savvy farmers and AgTech innovators alike.


The D12000iEP Multifunctional Inverter Generator, equipped with a built-in EFI system, precisely controls fuel injection levels. Integrated with a generator start/stop function, it offers a more economical solution compared to traditional generators. In fact, it can cut your charging expenses by up to 20%, saving you $0.21 USD for every battery charged.




3rd Party Generator + C10000

Gasoline used

10 L (~2.64 gal)

10 L (~2.64 gal)

Number of batteries recharged (from 20 to 95%)

13.37 batteries

10.67 batteries

Cost of oil (In the US, data from January 2024)

$0.90 USD per L

$0.90 USD per L

Single Battery Charging Cost

10 ÷ 13.37 × 0.90 = $0.67

10 ÷ 10.67 × 0.90 = $0.84

Savings per battery charge: $0.17

* The current gasoline price in the USA is USD 0.90 per liter and was updated on 29-Jan-2024.



Two Batteries on a Charging Cycle for Continuous Operations


Time is of the essence in agriculture, and downtime can mean lost opportunity. The dual-battery setup on the T50 allows for one battery to be charged while the other is in use, cycling efficiency and keeping your operations flowing seamlessly. Let's discuss the technology in the T50 and T25 batteries that enables cycling for continuous operations.




Rapid charging rate


The Agras T50 and T25 drones feature an advanced battery design that supports a rapid charging rate, minimizing the charging intervals and increasing efficiency in the field. The batteries have been engineered to accommodate a fast charge, which significantly cuts down the time required to get them airborne again. Especially when paired with the D12000iEP D12000iEP Multifunctional Inverter Generator, which has a dominant power output of 9000W, or the DJI C10000 Intelligent Charger, you're guaranteeing maximum charging potential for your battery. With a rapid charging system, the battery you're charging is ready to deploy as soon as the drone returns for a tank refill, thus maximizing productivity and operational continuity for farmers.


Omnidirectional Heat Dissipation for the Batteries


Efficient heat dissipation is crucial for effective charging, and this is precisely what the DJI T50/T25 batteries deliver. Thanks to their innovative omnidirectional heat transfer pathways, these batteries are capable of rapidly dispersing heat from multiple directions. This key feature not only accelerates the rate of heat dissipation but also ensures a consistent temperature throughout the battery, eliminating the risk of localized overheating. The result is a stable, high-energy charge in an impressively quick 9 minutes.


Please note, however, that these results have been obtained from DJI's agricultural laboratory through simulated operations. In environments where temperatures exceed 35°C, two consecutive power cycles may not be achievable.


DB1560 Intelligent Flight Battery for the Agras T50



Battery Safety and Reliability Upgrades


Safety is paramount, especially when it comes to high-tech gear in agriculture. To enhance durability and safety under extreme working conditions, the core components of the T50 and T25 batteries are thoroughly encased, providing the following benefits:


  1. Reinforces the stability of the electronic components, boosting their resistance to external impacts and vibrations.
  2. Enhances the insulation between internal components and connections, promoting device downsizing and weight reduction.
  3. Shields components and connections from direct exposure, enhancing the waterproof, dustproof, and moisture resistance of the components.


DB800 Intelligent Flight Battery for the Agras T25



Intelligent Battery Management System


Proper management and tracking of your batteries will not only improve safety, but also increase their operational lifespan. The T50 and T25 has an intelligent battery management system that monitors the status of the battery cells round the clock to prevent any damage due to temperature, current, or voltage exceeding the normal operating range, thus avoiding other undesirable conditions. Moreover, this state-of-the-art battery management set-up has a full-circuit, short-circuit protection design. This ensures the battery is effectively safeguarded against any short-circuits even under the most extreme working conditions. This isn't just about longer flight times; it's about smarter energy use that aligns with safer operations and impactful environmental conservation.


Hundreds of Harsh Tests


Rigor is at the heart of reliability. The energy-saving batteries of the Agras T50 and T25 have been put through hundreds of tests, simulated to mimic the harshest of real-world conditions. These tests examine its waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion characteristics, and resilience to extreme temperatures and extended use. While our professional testing is comprehensive, we strongly advise against attempting to replicate these tests. As part of preserving the safety and integrity of your equipment, avoid rinsing the battery directly with a hose. If the battery accidentally becomes immersed in water, please seek assistance from your local agent for a thorough inspection.



Improved Battery Life and Discharge Depth


Longevity meets capability with the Agras T50 and T25 batteries' improved life and deeper discharge depths. The chemistry and design behind these batteries mean that charges go further, lasting longer, and providing greater value over their lifetime. This includes an improved battery algorithm, incorporating an active learning and correction mechanism. This enhancement improves the precision of battery life predictions, subsequently extending the battery's discharge depth by 5%. Additionally, the T50 and T25 are equipped with a sophisticated spraying breakpoint algorithm, allowing it to perform an extra 200 meters compared to the DJI T40, even at a zero percent battery display and a 40 kg load. 


Please bear in mind that when the battery power dips below 5%, the drone will land automatically to ensure operational safety. Always prioritize flight safety and maintain ample reserve power for returning.


Air-Cooled Heat Sink


T50 batteries can also be charged in the Air-Cooled Heat Sink, which blows cool air across the battery, cooling it to the optimal temperature for charging. The Air-Cooled Heat Sink has an integrated injection molded design, which increases its durability while also removing the need for assembly before use. This enhanced strength effectively mitigates any potential damage to the battery that could occur from jolts during transportation.


Multifunctional Inverter Generators


The generators used to recharge T50 and T25 batteries in the field have also received optimizations. The charging cable length has been increased from .85 meters to a more flexible 1.5 meters, allowing for more diverse usage situations. For example, batteries can be charged further away from the generator, away from heat exhaust.


They support a start/stop function, which saves energy and reduces fuel consumption. They also have an intelligent diagnosis and maintenance reminder feature, which monitors the system's condition in the background to ensure safety at all times.







Striking the balance between power, performance, and sustainability, the Agras T50 and T25 represent a paradigm shift in agricultural drone energy use. It's not just about working harder but smarter, using groundbreaking technology to empower sustainable practices.


For the tech innovators, AgTech community, and farmers at the helm of agricultural modernization, the Agras T50 and T25 stand as beacons of progressive efficiency. Consider how integrating these systems could redefine your agricultural operations.



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