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T40/T20P Firmware Upgrade is Here


New features that bring your T40 and T20P to new levels of efficiency


The latest firmware upgrade for the Agras T40 and T20P enhances operational efficiency and safety with new features. "Stream Mode" offers targeted liquid distribution ideal for rice field weed control, while "Idle Propeller Stop" and manual override during automatic landings enhance safety. Improved flight smoothness over tall crops, more accurate material spreading, and fixes for abnormal flight route heights are also included. Explore these upgrades to improve your agricultural operations.


Introducing "Stream Mode" for special operation scenarios


Stream Mode deactivates the motors of the centrifugal sprinklers, so instead of atomizing your liquid chemical, it will instead directly dump in a columnar stream. This is perfect for scenarios that do not require atomization, or those that only need to distribute liquid onto water surfaces, such as enclosed weed control operations in rice fields.

How to activate: In the operation interface, in the top right corner settings, find the spraying system settings, and turn off sprinkler atomization to activate.




Idle Propeller Stop to automatically stop propellers when grounded


In the following two scenarios, if the aircraft is on the ground and the propellers are idling for more than 10 seconds, they will automatically stop.


  1. After manually unlocking and not taking off;
  2. After manually landing and not stopping the propellers;




Manual takeover supported during automatic landing


After the firmware upgrade, when the aircraft is performing and automatic landing, if the user identifies any safety risks with the landing, they can manually override (by moving the control stick in any direction) to cancel the automatic landing and take over control. This helps increase landing safety.




Improved tracking accuracy for smoother flight over tall crops


When users are using automatic flight routes for tall crops such as corn, bananas, cane, etc., selecting "Hill" in under Task Terrain and activating "Auto Terrain Following" can effectively improve the aircraft's terrain-following operation accuracy, enhancing flight smoothness.




More accurate material spreading for better operation results


The new firmware optimizes the calculation logic for material spreading amounts, displaying more accurate material usage amounts, and achieving better operation results.


Fixed an issue with abnormal starting point height on Orchard Flight Routes


The new firmware fixes the issue where the aircraft, when executing 3D Orchard Flight Routes imported from DJI SmartFarm, would encounter abnormal starting point heights.


This upgrade version information


Aircraft Firmware:

Remote Controller Firmware: 04.01.1000


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