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Agras T40: The Future of Spraying Technology

As a farmer, one of the most important aspects of crop cultivation is pest control. Thus, it is essential to have the best equipment that can efficiently and effectively perform this task. One such tool that has revolutionized the agricultural spraying industry is the Agras T40. With its superior spraying technology, the T40 guarantees optimal pesticide, fungicide, or herbicide use, thereby improving crop yields. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the Agras T40's spraying technology and what makes it stand out in the market.


Dual Atomizing Spraying System


As the use of automated aerial applications in agriculture expands, so does the demand for greater flow rates and diversified application scenarios such as powdering. Different crops, pests, and diseases necessitate different agent types and droplet sizes. We designed the spray system to address these multi-faceted requirements. The Agras T40's dual atomizing spray system is a standout feature, providing a robust flow rate of 12 liters/minute and an impressive spraying width of 11 meters. This system ensures an even application, thereby reducing waste and enhancing pesticide performance. The centrifugal spray sprinkler further refines the process, creating uniform droplet sizes which improve pesticide utilization rates. 




Centrifugal Sprinklers vs. Traditional Sprinkler Nozzles


But, what exactly is the difference between traditional sprinkler nozzles and centrifugal sprinklers? Traditional centrifugal spraying systems often suffer from issues including inconsistent mist droplet sizes, leakage, quick corrosion, and short lifespan. However, the Agras T40/T20P is designed to overcome these issues. It features a magnetically driven impeller pump that isolates the motor from the liquid, enhancing corrosion resistance and durability. Its dual atomizing centrifugal sprinklers ensures uniform droplet size, improving pesticide utilization.


Left: Normal Sprinklers; Right: DJI Centrifugal Sprinklers




Powerful Magnetic Drive Impeller Pumps


Moreover, the Agras T40 features a new magnetic drive impeller pump, which stands out from the rest. The T40 carved a niche for itself by boasting a large flow rate that doesn't obstruct even in challenging environments. What's more, the impeller pump is fearless against corrosion, making it durable in the long run compared to other types of pumps.


Exceptional Flow Rate and Penetration


The impeller pump of the Agras T40 distinguishes itself with a powerful flow rate of up to 6L/min with a single pump and 12L/min with double pumps. When spraying, the drone creates a strong wind field capable of deeply penetrating fruit tree canopies, thereby ensuring thorough coverage of all leaves with the treatment.


Optimized Design for Unobstructed Flow and Simple Maintenance


The design of the pump has been carefully optimized to reduce maintenance needs and prevent corrosion. Its smooth flow channel minimizes the likelihood of powder clogging, while the dual impellers offer a stirring effect to prevent powder sedimentation. Moreover, the pump features a quick-release snap design for easy, tool-free maintenance and cleaning.


Corrosion-Resistant and Durable


The magnetic drive impeller pump uses permanent magnetic transmission technology, which drives the pump with magnetic force. This contact-free power transmission ensures complete isolation between the liquid chamber and the power chamber, effectively eliminating issues of leakage and corrosion. Furthermore, this durable pump can be easily disassembled by hand for convenient cleaning.




Uniform Adjustable Droplet Sizes


The Agras T40/T20P's centrifugal sprinklers embrace an innovative double disc breaking design, refining the droplet dispersal, and creating a more uniform droplet size. This inventive method mitigates the risk of larger droplets causing damage to fruits and other crops, thereby enhancing the efficiency of pesticide application. The design also allows for an impressive degree of adaptability, with droplet sizes that can be adjusted from 50 to 300 microns. This flexibility enables the system to react effectively to the unique particle size requirements of different crops.




Efficient Weight Sensing System


The Agras T40 comes with a weighing sensor that offers real-time tracking of the remaining pesticide volume. This feature eliminates issues related to float sticking, thereby enabling accurate prediction of when it's time to refill. This feature ensures that farmers have full control over pesticide application, allowing optimal use of their resources.






In conclusion, the Agras T40 is a game-changer in the spraying industry, providing farmers with unrivaled capabilities to fight pests while using pesticides effectively and efficiently. With a new magnetic drive impeller pump, the industry's first centrifugal valve, and a weighing sensor, it is clear why the T40 is the equipment of choice for modern-day farmers.



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