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Agras T30: Spreading System 3.0 For Your Farm

As a farmer, spreading dry granules like fertilizer can be a tedious and laborious task that takes up a lot of precious time and resources. The good news is that technology has evolved to provide efficient and accurate solutions for this task. One such solution is the Agras T30, an advanced crop protection drone that offers features for spreading dry granules like fertilizer on your farm. Let's explore why the Agras T30 is the perfect solution for your farm.


High Efficiency


Engineered for optimal productivity, the T30 Spreading System 3.0 boasts a hefty load capacity of 40 kg. This makes it ideal for large-scale operations such as spreading fertilizer, seeding, and feeding. Going above and beyond its predecessor, the T20, its high flow rate of 40-50 kg/min represents a 40% increased efficiency. This improvement, combined with a spreading width of up to 7 meters, enables the T30 to spread 1 ton of fertilizer per hour. In comparison, this is a staggering 70 times more efficient than manual methods. As a result, you can cover a 4-acre area with a single application in a mere minute, displaying a level of effortlessness in operation.


The unparalleled efficiency of the T30 is largely due to the innovative three-hatch discharge design of Spreading System 3.0. This, in conjunction with an 8-channel spreading disk, guarantees an even spread in every direction. The system's gravity-feeding mechanism protects against any interference from external forces, thus eliminating seed damage. In addition, the structure's simplicity and reliability allow for speedy changes - completing the task in just 2 minutes, saving you valuable time and effort.


By harnessing the power of the Agras T30, you can cover large areas in record time, leaving you free to tackle other pressing farm tasks.




Real-Time Weighing for Accuracy


Most planting machines are designed with only volume detection, not weight detection, due to the distinct measurement units for solid and liquid materials. This setup demands that users convert volume units to liters based on the specific dosage and the varying densities of different fertilizers, which is time-consuming and inefficient.


However, the Agras T30’s Spreading System 3.0 introduces a game-changing feature: the first-ever real-time weight monitoring sensor. This innovative addition simplifies operations, allowing users to intuitively weigh in real-time and swiftly calibrate data.




The Spreading System 3.0's weight sensor enables setting dosages by area. Operators need only input the desired dosage into the remote control app, and the system automatically adjusts operation parameters, enabling one-click takeoff and fully autonomous operation.


The system also features an independently driven material level meter, which provides real-time updates on the remaining fertilizer quantity, hence ensuring accurate seeding and preventing wastage due to leakage. Moreover, the system is fitted with four sets of attitude sensors, each able to independently measure three-dimensional attitude and orientation, thereby enhancing the precision of sowing across diverse fertilizer applications.


Because fertilizers can be highly corrosive, the T30 Series Spreading System 3.0 has been upgraded to offer IP67 protection, safeguarding the entire system. The multi-layer sealing design supports water washing and corrosion resistance, while the flip-top hopper design allows for quick refills. The spreading disk's embedded metal channel design extends its lifespan. Hence, the system can be effectively used in a variety of farming scenarios, including direct seeding of rice, grassland replanting, oilseed rape seeding, and aquaculture.




Precision Agriculture


The Agras T30 is designed for precision agriculture, which helps i The T30 Series Spreading System 3.0 can generate prescription maps of farmland based on crop growth, allowing for precise variable fertilization. The Agras T30 is also suitable for various operation scenarios, including rice direct seeding, grassland replanting, oilseed rape seeding, and aquaculture.


The Agras T30 can be paired with the Mavic 3 Multispectral for precision agriculture operations that help improve farm yield, reduces fertilizer waste, and lowers operating costs. The Mavic 3M can capture high resolution multispectral data of your farm, which can then be used to generate custom fertilization maps based on crop growth. With variable fertilization, you can apply the right amount of fertilizer to each area, resulting in optimal crop growth and reducing the risk of over-fertilization. This targeted approach to fertilization not only enhances crop yields but also reduces fertilizer wastage and slashes operating costs.




To illustrate, let's look at a farming collective in Jiangsu. For every 165 acres of farmland, they were able to conserve 10% on fertilizer -- a savings of approximately 16,000 yuan ($2,250 USD). Plus, they observed a 10% surge in yields, adding an estimated 120,000 yuan ($16,800 USD) to their bottom line. Additionally, the automation of these tasks resulted in a labor savings equivalent to one full-time worker, about 50,000 yuan ($7,000 USD).




In conclusion, the Agras T30 is the perfect solution for spreading dry granules like fertilizer on your farm. Its high efficiency, real-time weighing for accuracy, and precision agriculture capabilities make it a valuable tool for any farmer looking to streamline their agricultural operations. With the Agras T30, you can save time, reduce costs, and improve your farm yield, making it a smart investment for any farm.


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