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Agras T30: A Powerful and Efficient Spraying Solution for Farmers

Agriculture is a challenging profession with a never-ending list of duties, including spraying pesticides to protect the crops from pests, weeds, and fungal diseases. However, traditional manual spraying methods are often time-consuming, labor-intensive, and can lead to uneven application, which can result in crop damage. The good news is that farmers can now rely on advanced technology to boost productivity and efficiency. One such innovative solution is the Agras T30, a powerful and efficient spraying drone that is designed to cater to the needs of modern farming. In this blog post, we will discuss the Agras T30 and its powerful horsepower.


16 Sprinklers for Full Coverage


The Agras T30 is equipped with 16 sprinklers that provide a 9-meter spray width, allowing it to cover up to 40 acres/hour (16 hectares/hour). With this kind of extensive coverage and even distribution, strong penetration, and excellent drift prevention, the Agras T30 ensures that the liquid pesticides are applied evenly and effectively. Plus, with the integration of the RTK module, the T30 can generate routes with centimeter-level precision, eliminating the chance of missed areas or overlapping sprays.




Powerful Pumps

To operate efficiently, a robust system support is essential. The T30 has introduced a newly developed horizontally opposed six-cylinder piston pump to enhance the power density of the pump, diminish flow pulsation, lighten the body weight, and optimize battery costs. This design principle, widely used in sports cars, allows a single pump to deliver a powerful 0.4 MPa, while a double pump can generate a high flow rate of 8 L/min. This is a significant 66% increase compared to the T20. As a result, it supports a spraying capacity of 16 hectares/hour, effectively improving efficiency. The T30's maximum flight speed during spraying operations has also been increased to 7 m/s, thanks to the benefits of its take-off weight and a sturdy wind field. This flexibility makes the T30 suitable for spraying across a broad range of areas.




8 Sets of Solenoid Valves for Independent Control and Precision


The Agras T30 introduces, for the first time, the use of solenoid valves, a staple in technology typically utilized for fluid control. This drone is equipped with 8 individual sets of these valves, each meticulously tested over 300,000 times for reliable operation, even under water pressures of up to 0.7Mpa. This advanced system ensures precision, virtually eliminating leaks and resulting in an evenly distributed spray. The ability to manage each nozzle independently opens up a range of application possibilities, for instance, with crops like oil palms where typically only the tree's heart requires spraying. This independent control helps prevent unnecessary liquid wastage during full nozzle operation and enhances the efficiency of each sortie.


Intelligent Flight Routes


With the help of the continuous liquid level meter, the T30 incorporates innovative route planning and recommends points for refills, thereby minimizing the number of non-productive flights. This, in turn, significantly enhances your operational efficiency. Furthermore, the new automatic edge sweeping mode provides a solution for situations where a safe operational distance cannot be maintained during crop protection tasks. If spraying cannot be fully accomplished around the edges of the field, the edge sweeping mode tremendously improves the overall effectiveness of the operation.






In conclusion, the Agras T30 is an advanced and reliable agricultural tool that farmers can depend on for efficient pesticide application. With its 16 spray nozzles, strong pumping capacity, independent control system, and intelligent flight routes, the T30 is ideal for farmers looking to achieve high efficiency and excellent spraying results. With such power, you can minimize your costs, maximize the efficiency of your crop protection, and improve your efficacy. Investing in the Agras T30 is an investment in your farm's future, so don't wait; get one for yourself today.



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