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Empowering Working Moms: Agricultural Drones Offer Flexibility for Balancing Career and Family

Agricultural drones might provide new ideas for working mothers to balance family and career, the flexible working hours and diverse working locations of Agras drone business provide opportunities for working mothers to achieve a better work-life balance.


Dr. María Maestro is the head of the drone division of ACRE Surveying Solutions and mother of two girls. Growing up with her grandfather who worked as a forest manager, María developed a love for nature, leading her to pursue a career in environment management.


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When conducting environmental research during her academic career, she found that multispectral images contain rich information and started to dive into the surveying drone industry.


In 2016, María was introduced to agricultural drones through a multispectral drone project, ultimately leading her to join ACRE as technical support and sales for the drone department. Obtained the agricultural drone pilot certificate within half a year, she began to carry out sales and flight demonstration work.




Involving Kids in the World of Agras Drones: A Quality Bonding Experience


As an extraordinary scientific researcher who traveled to different continents around the globe and conducted a number of projects about climate change and environment protection, María has demonstrated a mastery of exceptional skills in her research field. During her six-year Ph.D. journey in Scotland, she also embraced the beautiful new identity of motherhood with love and devotion.


Like mothers from all over the world, María faces the challenge of balancing career and family. It was a very difficult time when the baby was newly born, as she had to simultaneously work on her PhD studies, work projects, and caring for the newborn baby. “The house was always messy. The most important thing I’ve learned in this hectic phase of life is to set priorities and I really appreciate the help from my husband and other family members during the specific time.”


With her two daughters growing up, María and her family have adapted to a new routine where everyone works together in shifts.  Maria spends two days a week taking care of the children while seamlessly integrating them into her work. She loves bringing her children to the office and involving them in her work every week. 


“Engaging children in my work with agricultural drones allows me to provide them with quality companionship.” María added. Bring kids into the nature allows María to share the happiness she gained from nature in childhood to her daughters in a totally new way.


María and her family enjoy spending their weekend taking drone photos in the fields. While it may not be a common practice to bring children along for agricultural drone demos, María envisions it as a joyous scene. Of course, she is also mindful of prioritizing safety education for her children throughout the process.



agricultural drone;  drone spraying; spraying; DJI agricultural drone;agras drone; drone spraying pesticide; Fruit tree spraying;  Drone spraying crop; spreading system; Drone spreading ;DJI Agriculture

Image of María and her family with a DJI Agras T10 in a chickpea field.




Mom Pilots: Inspiring the Next Generation


One morning, María woke up her oldest daughter, Claudia, who told her, 'Mama, you work with drones now. You are changing the world by spraying the fields. When I grow up and have my own job, drones will be part of my day-to-day life.'” María's example has left a deep impression on the 5-year-old, who reflects on the impact of agricultural drones.


María herself also believes that this will be a trend in the future. "When I was 18, I would take the driver's license test. When my daughters are 18 years old, I believe they will not only take the driver's license test, but also obtain an agricultural drone pilot certificate."


When talking about career expectations to her children, María has no particular expectations when it comes to her children's future career choices. She avoids putting pressure on them or offering unsolicited advice. Instead, she allows her children to explore their interests by involving them in her work. Through this, the children gain a deeper understanding of the agricultural drone industry, while also enjoying quality time with María.


Nowadays, there are more and more working moms in the agricultural drone Industry, because there’s a growing number of remarkable female professionals who are also working moms are recognizing the infinite possibilities in the agriculture drone industry. Meanwhile, the mothers are passing down the passion and commitment to agriculture to the next generation.

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