A Young 19-year-old Modern Farmer Engages in Agriculture through Smart Farming


There is no surprise how Millennials and Gen Z have grown and evolved with technology. In modern times, it has created a new set of skills that can be easily developed and is deemed useful for career advancement. As the shift from traditional farming to modern farming is progressing, the use of technology such as drones, robots, and machinery has also begun, yielding favorable results and increased efficiency in the industry. 


A proud new Gen Z Farmer from the Philippines, Rey Kent Dejesica, started to engage in their family business. Fascinated by all things linked to flying, he also wanted to help and contribute to the agriculture industry. Thru an advertisement, he saw DJI AGRAS drones and was interested in the idea of drones being used for farm applications.


Technology to Redefine Agriculture


Agriculture is the bread and butter of the Philippine. In 2020, lockdowns and restrictions posed a threat to the farming industry in the country. In the Philippines, when people think of farmers or agriculture, they usually picture long hours toiling in the sun, tilling the soil on the back of a carabao or a tractor. Farming is a laborious process, especially for Millennials & Gen Z, who like everything instant. They prefer anything that can provide satisfaction with minimal effort. That is why they disengage in the trade and do not value farmers.  


“Rice and bananas are the primary sources of income in my municipality. I want to contribute to the agriculture industry in a way to reduce growers’ expenses and make the usage of medicines more precise and efficient because I’ve seen how innovative individuals are and how they always find ways and methods to make tasks easier”.





Building Bridge to Fill in the Gap


“Using drones as a sprayer also lessens human labor. Besides that, we can obtain a bird's-eye view of their fields and spray crops precisely and effectively with drones. Not only that, the owner stated that the use of drones also minimizes the Panama disease (Fusarium oxysporum). The picture below shows me and my crewmates on the tower overlooking the beautiful view of the field. After we switched to drone technology, our field became more beautiful because of the precise and efficient distribution of the fertilizers”.


The stigma is that farming is not an ideal profession due to the grueling labor it requires and the low turnover rate. These are the setbacks Rey Kent has to face. He believes that the future of agriculture lies in the hands of the new generation. The industry of UAV will be a success and benefit agriculture in so many ways. “Technological advancement and drones can transform the agriculture industry by offering farmers significant cost savings, can enhance spraying accuracy, provide a safe alternative in spraying crops because it is safer than traditional spraying the crops, and more”.




Armed with his knowledge of Drone Technology and having a positive attitude, he sets an example by leading and encouraging his team.


He is an example not just for the youth, but also for seasoned farmers. Drone technology is not something to be afraid of, but a tool to embrace to make farming more efficient and effective.


Drones Attract the Youth into Farming


Agriculture is the main source of income for some Asian regions.  Parts of Asia are now going through a rapidly aging farmer population and a fear of food shortage. That is why the youth must be involved in the trade to ensure  food security in the future. Advancements in agricultural technology such as drones can lure the youth back to the farming scene.


It’s great to see the next generation of farmers, like Rey Kent, using their tech-savviness and innovative minds, giving farms and the current generation of farmers the desire to grow and to furnish longevity in the industry by leading as an example. 


Just like any other pilot, he encountered many challenges as well. He added “the drone doesn’t just cost a small penny that’s why it is being added to the pressure while taking control at the beginning. The controls were new to me, and I couldn’t get the hang of it easily unlike any other vehicle that we usually maneuver, given that it is an aircraft being unfamiliar with altitudes and weather up top also add to the level of difficulty in flying such machine, familiarizing every inch of force when maneuvering the joysticks together with the buttons and the map also has its basic challenges wherein a pilot should always be cautious about for it is where you can base everything especially when your distance from the drone is decently far”.



May this be a stepping stone and set an example to young millennials that farming is not something to be embarrassed of, but to be embraced through engaging in smart farming.




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