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As temperatures gradually rise in various regions, wheat begins to grow at a rapid rate, a critical time for weeding. The prevention and control of weeds is essential for increasing yield and ensuring a stable income.


Spring tends to have inconsistent temperature and weather. Additionally, weeds and wheat grow differently. This makes it necessary to select the right herbicides and use them at the right time, to avoid chemical injury to the wheat. MG-1P RTK plant protection drones have been a fast, accurate, and reliable option for weed control. By implementing them during weeding, farmers can ensure they are covering a larger area in a shorter time.




Team Introduction


Zhucheng Denong Trading Co., Ltd. has operated across 49,000 acres of land since 2017. The team has one leader, three UTC faculty members, and five maintenance professionals. They began using the DJI MG-1 in 2016 and paired drone technology with his extensive experience in crop planting management, crop epidemics, and pest control. On Mar 25, 2018, his team used the MG-1P RTK plant protection drone to spray Arylex across a 400mu wheat field. The charts below show the details of how this process was carried out.



Environment Information


Operation Date

Mar 25, 2018


Xianggu Farm, Xinxing Town, Zhucheng City, Shandong Province

Land Type


Temperature and Wind

Sunny, 11-21°C, southwest, level 3 wind speed


Note: The operator should fly upwind, observe the drift of the liquid, and make timely adjustments.




Operation Parameters


Flight Mode

Route Planning

Flight Speed

4 m/s

Flight Altitude

1.5 m

Route Spacing

4 m

Volume per Mu

1 L

Nozzle Type




Herbicide Information


Herbicide Name

 Arylex by Dow AgroSciences

Concentration of Active Ingredient

10% Diflufenacil, 10% Clopidogrel


Water dispersible granule

Volume per Mu

5 g


1. Produced by Dow AgroSciences, Arylex is very easy to use and works tremendously on broadleaf weeds. Additionally, normal dosages do not harm wheat. Arylex also comes with additives, making it suitable for drone spraying.




Before and After the Operation




After 7 days




In this 400 mu wheat field weeding operation, the MG-1P RTK plant protection drone can be used to perform efficient and precise spraying. With the use of Arylex, the positive results were apparent on the seventh day, with no harm to the wheat. Here we remind farmers to choose the right herbicide according to their field to ensure their harvest is abundant throughout the growing season.


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