Treatment of The thrips Liothrips Karnyi on pepper using DJI AGRAS T20 in Vietnam





*1. Purpose of the Spray


The spraying team used the DJI Agras T20 to control thrips and take care of flowering for pepper plants. The purpose is to help stamp out the thrips epidemic quickly, and ensure that the production of pepper is successful.




*2. Info of the Environment

Date of Spray

 May 12th, 2021


 Dak Nong district

Type of Terrain

 Hill and mountain

Temperature (℃)


Total sprayed Area(ha.)

 28 ha



Wind speed(m/s)


Wind direction





*3. Operation Parameters



Type of Drone

 DJI Agras T20

Firmware Version



Operation mode

 Route plan--Effective

Operation Speed


Operation height(from the top of the crop)


Line spacing/width/


Liquid amount sprayed per hectare (or per MU)

 40 lit

Nozzle type






The above parameter helps the drug to be sprayed evenly from the top down because the pepper tree has a cylindrical shape, and the slow flight speed helps the propeller blow the chemicals down to the base of the pepper. The foliage of pepper is thick from the top down in a cylindrical shape, so we set the spray width as 5-6m and the speed is 4m/s to help the propeller blow the chemicals down to the base of the pepper. Plants absorb nutrients on leaves faster and more efficiently.



Before spraying:




After spraying:




*4. Info of Chemicals



Chemical commercial name


Active ingredient and the percentage

Chemical amount(g or ml) used per hectare




Buprofezin: 90g/l + Dinotefuran 10 g/l + Isoprocarb 400g/l


Calcimax B Fertilizer



Boron (B): 2000 ppm, Zinc (Zn):210 ppm, Iron (Fe): 500 ppm, Nitrogen (N) 2,5%, Calci (Ca) 4.0%, pHH2O 5,7

3.0 lit/ha

Senca Fertilizer


Protein (Nts): 11%

Magnesium (MgO): 16%

Humidity: 1%








*5. Briefly compare the difference between drone, manual, and other traditional equipment in this case


Pepper is a tall plant which is hard for the traditional spraying method to spray, with not only the human body comes into direct exposure with the drug but the drug also residue will accumulate in the soil. Using drones to spray pesticides solved the above influence.




*6. Conclusion


Before using DJI Agras T20, the owner doubted the effectiveness of the drones. But after 15 days of following the results, the pepper garden simultaneously flowered and bloomed regularly. Garden owners are quite satisfied with the effectiveness of using drones.




*7. Service team info


Service company name is Tay Nguyen Iflight belonging to AgriDrone Vietnam.


Contact person: Nguyen Van Thien Vu

Contact info:

Hotline: 07 9955 8855




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